I focus on critical items with highest impact


Identifying critical few problems

(case interview and proposal)



An approach for working through problems based your resources and strengths

Mindset, prioritizing and engaging with tasks, designing a work flow, and stress management



My guiding principle is the 80/20 ruleIt is fascinating, useful, and I suggest you learn about it. It will help you in work and life.   

On strategy: at its simplest and most effective, strategy is about precisely identifying problems facing your business, focusing on the critical few, and devising an approach for working through them informed by your strengths and resources.


The next step is communicating this approach to all business functions for complete alignment, and setting out cascading objectives for each function. 

I advise on communications and personal productivity to help along this key follow up stage. 


Case interview and exchange of key contextual documents

Proposal in 24 hours (2.5 pages max) specifying deliverables and costings

Upon agreement, on site work or remote as appropriate

Payment: 50% on agreement and 50% after completion,

or 100% up front with 10% discount 

Note: quote based on value delivered, not hours worked

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